CXO-Cockpit is a dashboarding tool that can speed up your management reporting by lightyears. Dashboards are very helpful in showing a lot of data organized in charts and reports at a glance.

Although Excel is widely known for its flexibility as soon your dashboards or reports are more complex Excel will definitely give you some headaches. Especially for reporting purposes, setting up spreadsheets for every period or entity can be a huge task and very time consuming. Luckily there are tools available that make our finance lives much easier and one of them is CXO cockpit CXO-Cockpit is a flexible performance reporting solution based on an efficient enterprise performance management (EPM) connectivity. In other words, CXO is directly connected to your database via an adapter and provides finance, HR, sales with KPI dashboards and reports that contain real-time data. CXO is used by big multinationals as well as smaller companies spread all over Europe and the United States.


How CXO dashboards will improve your reporting

1 Connectivity

CXO Cockpit is directly connected to your database and shows real-time data. This will ensure that all the stakeholders are looking at the same financials and KPIs, by replacing data exports with this EPM connectivity.Having one single version of reports and dashboards means that no different versions are circulating, which ensures that stakeholders use the same, correct numbers. This prevents you from situations like when the CEO still sees the 12% decrease in revenue while it actually has gone up.  

2 Eliminating repetive tasks

CXO provides tables, graphs, charts, value trees, waterfalls and they all can be combined to create dynamic and interactive dashboards making multiple and repetitive Excel spreadsheets unneccesary. When you hear dynamic and interactive, think of linked graphs, changing charts and pies, hyperlinks to other reports and drilldowns. By changing the Point of View (POV) (ability to change dimensions directly in the report) in a CXO report the user can switch quickly between different dimensions and no repetitive task is needed for creating the same report on another POV.


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3 Finance is in charge not IT

CXO-Cockpit is centrally owned and governed by finance. Finance no longer depends on IT or developers to create new performance management reports. Instead finance is enabled to create, manage and distribute reports themselves. When Finance depended on IT it could take days or even weeks to get reports created, now when requirements change or new reports are demanded finance can easily set them up their selves and guarantying themselves an optimal time to insight and a streamlined reporting process. This ensures that the controllers and finance teams spend their time and talent on creating actionable insights to support decision making and adding value.

4 Mobility

CXO provides guided self-service analysis for non-financial users on any device. The reports can be displayed securely via a browser or via the CXO-Viewer mobile app, so that users always can access data and KPIs when needed. No matter if you are in a meeting, on the backseat of a taxi or on the beach, you can always view the latest data.

5 The story behind the numbers

Interactive reporting packs can be composed with selected Point of Views and comments to convey the message behind the numbers. Via this ‘storyboards’ the month-end, quarter-end or flash results can be distributed to a larger audience, including executives outside the finance office. Storyboards can easily be exported to PDF, PPT or even Excel to support your current reporting and distribution processes. They are easily adjustable and reusable for multiple entities or multiple periods, which makes them very versatile.

6 Easy to use

CXO-Cockpit is a user-friendly dashboarding solution. With help of connecters and adapters it’s very easy to connect the database. Creating reports can be as easy as summing up 1 and 1 and the end-user can easily navigate through the Cockpit and storyboards to review all their reports. With free format report set-ups, it’s also possible to create more complex dashboards. With the help of cube calculations new KPIs can be calculated and with the drilldown functionality users are able to drilldown on accounts or dimensions in order to see more detailed information.

In other words, CXO is:

  • A flexible and a user-friendly dashboarding solution.
  • The tool can easily be connected to your EPM solution and will provide the business with highly dynamic and real-time reports and dashboards.
  • With only one version of the truth, more time left for reporting instead of creating additional Excel-files and the possibility to have the end-users comment directly in the CXO environment the whole reporting process can be sped up with lightyears.
  • Easy and efficient setup of faultless reports and dashboards
  • Accessible everywhere; on the beach, in your hotel or in the boardroom.
  • It’s your business cockpit to steer your business into the right direction.

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