Workflow & integrated systems = power of analyses

To give away the clou: the planning variants of our customers have a common denominator. The tight workflow and integrated systems enable them to profit from the power of analyses. This enables them to be agile. Below we highlight the pain points of these variants and reveal what is the key to success for our customers. As you too can get started with this.

People Planning

Organizations usually plan personnel costs based on number of FTE's. However, related costs are often much more complicated: caused by the complexity and division/disunity in the underlying wage components. The consequence is that organizations cannot visualize the impact of changes in wage components.

Capital Planning (CAPEX)

The management is looking for insights into the impact of possible investment decisions. Both on balance ratios and on the forecasted result. But planning on assets is a hellish job because of 1) the quantity, 2) the calculations and 3) the complexity.

Sales Planning

Sales accurate planning depends on various factors. Mostly based on drivers such as price and volume, but also in detail. The consequence is that because of this complexity, budgets and forecasts are determined at a too high level, causing underlying drivers to be lost in the planning. In the short term, steering is no longer possible.

Liquidity Planning

Organizations are increasingly focusing on liquidity. To be able to steer this, it is important to have total insight of both receivables, liabilities, investments, financing acquisitions and equity. These posts and related procedures are often self-contained, making liquidity planning a complex process. Especially precise understanding of expected changes is complicated and time-consuming.

Project Planning

Organizations often struggle with the following: when working with different entities and divisions in multiple countries on the same project, they find it difficult to streamline all information.

The secret revealed: The Power of analysis
de kracht van financiele analyse

To parse the pain points in these planning variants, our customers had to throw the following in the trash: spreadsheets and mutually knotted alternatives. Hop, gone with it.

And what do they have instead? Those are 1) tight processes with 2) a good workflow in 3) a modern integrated CPM platform with 4) a drill down functionality up to 5) the right level. With this they embrace the power of analysis.

Decisions are made well substantiated and quickly and are contributing to the agility of the organization.

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